139, rue du Faubourg St.Denis
75010 Paris
++33 1 42 05 09 90

The work of Vier5 is based on a classical
notion of design.
Design as the possibility of drafting and
creating new, forward-looking images in
the field of visual communication.
A further focus of our work lies on designing
and applying new, up-to-date fonts.
The work of Vier5 aims to prevent any
visual empty phrases and to replace them
with individual, creative statements, which
were developed especially for the used
medium and client.

-august sander, mémorial de la shoah
-documenta 14
-johann jacobs museum, zürich
-busan biennale
22nd poster festival of chaumont
-documenta 12
museum für angewandte kunst frankfurt

-dont't kill cac bretigny
-calendar of revolts
-there's a riot goin on
-christodoulos panayiotou
-noise and capitalism
-cornelius cardew
-franz erhard walther
-nicolas chardon
-rainer oldendorf
-here or elsewhere
-la monnaie vivante
-the void
-david lamelas
-atelier van lieshout

-franz bette
-lois weinberger
-július koller
-soleil politique catalogue
-24 hours
-le fonds paul destribats
-i've heard about...
-the deaths in newport
-compact and finite

If you would like to have more information
about the work of Vier5 please send an
email or call.



Poster exhibition ’Katachi Form', Museum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt


Poster exhibition ’Sit in China' and ‘Helden der Bühne', Museum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt


Poster performance ‘Collective Exhibition for a Single Body' by Piere Bal-Blanc for documenta 14


Poster lecture by VIER5 at Otl Aicher Residency in Rotis, Germany


Logo and design for Beeler Gallery, 60 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, USA. Typeface: Edward Coe