139, rue du Faubourg St.Denis
75010 Paris
++33 1 42 05 09 90

e) grid
In taking ownership of and recording the places and
areas with red surfaces, an optical network begins
to form in a grid-like system across the town and its
periphery, creating a sensitivity to the colour red.
Thereafter, every red ‘external’ element to be found
or which moves within this grid, whether it be a red-
painted door frame, a street sign, a red car driving by
or a pedestrian or visitor with a red t-shirt, it will
automatically become a part of the purposefully laid
out elements and, for a longer or short period of time,
unintentionally contribute to the overall effect,
becoming an ‘ambassador’ for the communication
of the festival.

a) poster
b) slowdown
c) boxes
d) wood panels
e) grid