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75010 Paris
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b) slowdown
Like many towns, Chaumont is ‘overloaded’ with
graphic information: street signs, advertising hoardings,
posters, small ads, etc., each a fragment of a chaotic
urban landscape.
A tour of the town quickly highlights a core part of
our work: the first component of the signage system
is a ‘slowdown’ of the urban landscape, by eliminating
written information.
The advertising posters on bus shelters, panels and
walls are replaced by flat blocks of red, which form
a unifying coloured space. Installing the different
elements around the town will be done in a rudimentary
fashion, like traditional methods of occupying or
claiming public space as can be seen with graffiti for
example. Over the course of the activity, some placards
may become partially detached from the walls, get
damaged or even covered with other posters or
advertising. In this way we see the impact on a project
over time, when it resides in public space.

a) poster
b) slowdown
c) boxes
d) wood panels
e) grid