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Communication for the Busan Biennale 2012;
Theme: “Garden of Learning”

a) two colours (graphic design)
The graphic appearance of the Busan Biennale 2012
is based on the interplay of two colours that are
equally juxtaposed: on the one hand, a deep blue and,
on the other, a red-orange bearing the character of
a signal. Both colours are chosen in such a way that
when viewing them a constant change of the surface
perception arises.

The further visual appearance of the Biennale, logo,
poster, catalogue etc., is developed based on the
colour system and the font “172Try-Dynamic”.
Each “new” element that is required takes up the
graphic language of the preceding one, varies it and
develops it further.
The graphic appearance is conceived as an open
system that comes to an end when the exhibition
is over.

a) two colours (graphic design)
b) participation
c) boutiques/satellites
d) eleven bottles