Design Studio

b) labels
The labels are done in an easy and mulitfunctional
way. They can be used inside the exhibition space
to label the ”fix works“. But they can be also used
for temporary works, like performances.
After being used they can disappear. They can be
placed quickly to mark an artwork at its place.
There are two elements for the labels:

The marbles are produced in marble or in iron. The
name of the artist is printed in silkscreen on the
brick. The marbles work like a paperweight.
The marbles should be stolen during or after the
exhibition. They should disappear and become an
article of daily use.


The general information about the artwork is printed
in a light black on a raw piece of canvas. There is a
space for the english text and a space for the greek
text. In the middle to separate the two parts, there
is the marble. The canvases are lying on the floor.
The canvas can be damaged and can be dirty.
It does not have to be clean. There should be the
effect of use during the exhibition.

a) irregular circles
b) labels
c) wall texts
d) guards