Design Studio - Besançon

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Temporary Corporate Design
All material that had been used for 20 years,
e.g. letter paper, envelopes, business cards
etc., was examined and evaluated. Most staff
members had material stemming from the
museum’s different phases, and almost everyone
possessed a different kind of business card.
The same was true of the guiding system within
the museum. Each period of the museum’s
history had left its more or less sensible marks.
The first phase leading towards a new corporate
identity consisted in standardizing and structuring.
The entire staff received new business cards
from a business card machine. Now, all have the
same kind for the first time in years. Furthermore,
a stamp was made to standardize all material
used, e.g. for correspondence.

In the guiding system, all material that proved to
make little sense was removed. Sensible solutions
for the guiding system were worked out
together with the museum’s staff and immediately
implemented in the architecture and on the walls
by means of felt-tips and masking tape.
In just a few days, a temporary design was created
that could be quickly altered depending on the
requirements. Changes in the museum thus became
visible within a short period of time.