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c) living guiding system
A guiding system for an event the size of the
documenta can only be implemented if it contains
flexible elements that can quickly respond to changes
or new things. The design therefore also includes a
“living guiding system” in addition to the fixed
elements. This means that a group of persons is
permanently in action fulfilling various tasks. For
example, the group is underway on the grounds
distributing information on the current events of the
day or is responsible for quickly making unexpected
things public. This system is also active outside of
the documenta grounds and can follow a group of
visitors like a “shadow”, for instance.

What is important with the living guiding system is
that it appears unified as a group and stands out from
the supervisory staff and the visitors of the show.
The living guiding system forms the transition from
the “classical”, tangible part to the abstract.

a) signs
b) containers
c) living guiding system
d) ceramic hills
e) crown caps


costume design for the living guiding system