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e) crown caps
Crown caps on the street are a sign of our civilization,
they indicate where people linger, gather and crowd,
and which ways they go or have gone. The crown cap
is a simple and direct sign, and in contrast to other
“remains” and indications of our daily life, the crown
cap is “persistent”.
Once thrown to the ground, it can hardly be removed;
rusted specimens can therefore even be found when
digging in the earth.
Due to the daily use of the crown cap and the way it
is carelessly disposed of, it becomes an “invisible”
guiding system through a city.
Especially in the year of the documenta, many of
these crown caps will line the ways and point to
the direction that people and visitors will take through
the city. Some of the crown caps will become buried
in the earth and remain in the city for a long time to
One of these crown caps was freed of its anonymity
for documenta 12; it was cast and gilded. It will
be given back to the visitors of the show, who also
become part of the guiding system, consciously or
unconsciously, through their visit. But because of the
crown cap, which has now become a gem, as it were,
the idea of the exhibition is carried out into the world,
spanning a dense network based on this found object
from Kassel.

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e) crown caps


crown cap