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75010 Paris
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Signage of the 22nd Poster and Graphic Design
Festival of Chaumont

The signage for the International Poster and Graphic
Design Festival of Chaumont is devised as a temporary
creation, deployed in the urban space. Chaumont,
which is structured around its town hall, is a typical
small French town. This topography lets us lay the
foundations for an experimental project that uses all
the urban space as its work surface.
The signage comprises various complementary elements
that build bridges between fixed objects and other,
more mobile ones that will be transformed during the
This signage is deployed over a short period, and
people’s disruption of it (destruction, removal, etc.)
is deliberately built into the process as a desired
autonomous phase.

a) poster
b) slowdown
c) boxes
d) wood panels
e) grid


official poster for the festival