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Communication for the Busan Biennale 2012;
Theme: “Garden of Learning”

b) participation
What is important for the communication of the Busan
Biennale 2012 is the active collaboration of outsiders.
One the one side, they could include visitors of the
Biennale, passers-by or local residents who for a short
time actively participate in the activities, on the other,
they are members of the “learning councils” group, an
affiliation of persons who are responsible for various
tasks and projects during the course of the Biennale.
For example, the boutiques are run by the “learning
council members”, as are the “Satellites”.
In addition to organisational tasks, the learning council
members are also actively involved in design activities
and develop their own ideas that are then contributed
to the project of the eleven bottles or the films of the
Busan Biennale 2012.

a) two colours (graphic design)
b) participation
c) boutiques/satellites
d) eleven bottles