139, rue du Faubourg St.Denis
75010 Paris
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Communication for the Busan Biennale 2012;
Theme: “Garden of Learning”

c) boutiques/satellites
“Boutiques” are set up within the city. The aim was to
house them comfortably in the existing urban space.
Simple material was combined with more “unusual”
material and graphic elements to form a simple, functional
construction. The boutiques support the structure within
the city. They are platforms for communication and
information and present the Biennale externally. These
boutiques are meant to be “uncomplicated”, one-stop
shops for visitors and the public.

The “satellites” are subsidiaries of the boutiques and
consist of easily transportable stands. They are in
circulation on a daily basis and able to cover the urban
area as well as areas further afield. They can be installed
individually or in larger numbers on the same site. These
“jumpseats” form a type of mobile orientation and
communication system that can be installed in the urban
space but also in a targeted way: in buses, trains, in
front of cinemas etc.

This part is realized in cooperation with the architect
Janusch Munkwitz.

a) two colours (graphic design)
b) participation
c) boutiques/satellites
d) eleven bottles